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Tatak Excellence

A leading pro client company with unquestionable product quality and integrity that excels in promoting the industry it is in – with the end result of providing business opportunities to Filipino agri-entrepreneurs and excellent animal health and nutritional base for breeders, raisers, fanciers and hobbyists.

Pit Cobra

Our purpose is to discover, define, develop, and deliver innovative gamefowl products to every gamefowl breeder in the world. To inspire and help you elevate your own game. “Be a game-changer. The world is already full of players”

Mr. Cool

The first and only SPA in your car in the market! Mr. Cool will be your newest favorite aroma inside your vehicle. It will surely relax you in the midst of traffic or long drives.

Mr. Softy

Established in November 10, 2000, a pioneer and leading fresh soft serve ice cream company. Market leader with 72 locations nationwide and counting, seeking strategic alliances with major malls in the Philippines and sustaining market leadership thru intensified R&D efforts with quality range of premium products and going international!

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